September 1, 2019

ERU23CH 2024 attributed to Duisburg

During the General Assembly of the European Rowing Federations at the World Championships in Linz (Austria), the European Rowing Under 23 Championships 2024 have been attributed to Duisburg.
We are looking forward to welcome the best european Under 23 rowers both in 2020 and 2024!

August 4, 2018

2020 ERU23Ch awarded
to Duisburg

The General Assembly of the European rowing federations which were conducted during the 2018 European Rowing Championships in Glasgow attributed the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships to Duisburg.
The event will be conducted on the internationally known Regattabahn Wedau on September 5/6, 2020.

June 30, 2018

Bid documents for 2020 ERU23Ch submitted

Today, the bidding documents for the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships were submitted to the European Rowing Management Board.
The decision on the conduction of this event will be taken in the General Assembly of the European rowing federations which is planned for August 4 during the European Rowing Championships.


  • Schedule
  • Entries
  • Traffic
  • Site Map
  • Spectators
  • Weather
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The provisional timetable for the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships is available on the right.
As soon as the official timetable is available, it will be published here.


The list of entries will be available here as soon after entry closure.
The race schedule will be published after further planning.
It will be made available on this page.

Traffic Rules

The traffic regulations for the regatta course for both racing and training will be published here.

The race schedule will be published after further planning.
It will be made available on this page.

Site Map

All required facilities are within the finish area. The boat storage is split across the lawn behind the grandstand and the boathouse on the opposite site of the regatta course.
All detailed information can be found in our site map on the right.


There won't be any tickets sold for the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships in Duisburg.
The grandstand can be accessed free of charge without any additional tickets.


Weather conditions

Based on historical data for September from 2008 to 2017, we created an overview of the average temperature as well as the wind speed and wind direction for the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships.
An overview of this data can be found in the images on the right side, detailed data can be downloaded here.


All event-related documents including the bulletin and the team managers manual will be published here.


  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Visa


For the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships, we have reserved the accommodation of the regional sports school as well as the youth hostel. These two locations have been built in 2013 (youth hostel) or renovated in 2015 (sports school) and provide a high quality accommodation within walking distance of the finish area. In addition, we will offer other hotels in a higher category in the city center of Duisburg.

Onsite Hotels (***)
  • Youth Hostel Duisburg Sportpark (220 beds)
  • Bed Tower Sports School Duisburg (259 beds)
City Hotels (****)
  • Mercure Duisburg-City
  • Intercity Hotel Duisburg
  • Wyndham Duisburger Hof
Category One Bed Two Beds Multibed Rooms
(3 or 4 beds)
Onsite Hotels 120 € 90 € 70 €
City Hotels 135 € 110 € ---
Prices per person in full booked room. Inclduding transfer for city hotels to the venue (Thursday to Sunday), full board (starting with dinnner, ending with lunch), transport from/to Dusseldorf International Airport.

As we are negotiating special offers with these hotels, the accommodation must be booked via our accommodation request form until 15.03.2020. Partial payment (50% of the invoice amount) must be paid by 22.03.2020 and the residual amount by 14.08.2020.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Date Cancellation Fee
before 15.03.2020 no cancellation fee
before 17.07.2020 50% of invoice amount
before 31.07.2020 80% of invoice amount
after 31.07.2020 100% of invoice amount

Travel to Duisburg

Duisburg is located in the heart of Europe and has multiple travel options nearby.
You can reach the regatta course 
  • by plane to the airport Düsseldorf international
  • by train to Duisburg central station (Duisburg Hauptbahnhof)
  • by car using the various motorways A3, A40 and A59.
A bus shuttle from the airport Düsseldorf International to the venue is covered by the accommodation costs and needs to be requested by August 15 via the Airport Shuttle Request form.

Shuttle service from different airports can be requested based on an individual offer via the onsite transportation form
If you have any questions regarding your travel plans or you want to request a shuttle, we are happy to answer your questions via


The full board accommodation booked via the organizing committee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfast will be served at the individual hotels for all participants. Lunch and dinner will be served at a temporary catering tent directly behind the grandstand in the finish area of the regatta course..
Detailled information about the meals and the locations will be published here in mid 2020.


A shuttle from/to Dusseldorf International Airport will be provided by the Organizing Committee free of charge. The respective request must be submitted by August 15.

During the regatta, a shuttle service between the official hotels and the regatta course will be provided free of charge (Thursday to Sunday).
Our shuttle bus will connect the city hotels with the regatta course all day based on the given schedule.
Please be aware that this schedule is currently only a draft version. The final schedule will be published before the event.

Additional transport can be organized for additional costs. For any requests, please contact the organizing committee via the Onsite Transportation Request Form by August 15.



For all members of the European Union as well as the members of the Schengen Area, no additional  visa is required for entering Germany. Only a few participating nations are required to request visa at the foreign office of Germany, including:

  • Albania (not required with biometric passports)
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Moldavia (not required with biometric passports)
  • Russia
  • Turkey

The official overview of visa requirements can be found on

All official information about the visa process as well as the requesting process can be found on



  • Photos
  • Live Stream
  • Media Accreditation


During the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships, we will publish photos from this event in this area.

Live Stream

All races of the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships in Duisburg will be streamed publicly to the internet. The link to this live stream will be made available here before the regatta.

Media Accreditation

The access to the regatta course is available for everybody.
Press representatives are kindly asked to contact us via the Media Accreditation Form below beforehand to get an accreditation as well as more detailed information about the event.

Organizing Committee



Thomas Küpper
Thomas KüpperHead of OC

Tobias Weysters
Tobias WeystersCompetition Director
Contact for NF & FISA
Thorsten Gindera
Thorsten GinderaFinances

Jürgen Dietz
Jürgen DietzOwner of the Course
Ryszard Stadniuk
Ryszard StadniukChair of the European Rowing Management Board
Siegfried Kaidel
Siegfried KaidelPresident of the German Rowing Federation

Organizing Committee

Fabian Gebhardt
Fabian GebhardtSecurity
Stefan Wallat
Stefan WallatVIP
Kerstin Greilich
Kerstin GreilichRegatta
Sabine Petersen
Sabine PetersenCeremonies
Markus Petersen
Markus PetersenTime
Tabitha Goebel
Tabitha GoebelVolunteers
Jürgen Joachim
Jürgen JoachimHotels & Accommodation
Michael Weller
Michael WellerCatering
Stephan Gräbing
Stephan GräbingTransport &
Hermann Kewitz
Hermann KewitzPress & Media


Anyone who is interested in volunteering at the European Rowing Under 23 Championships in Duisburg is asked to register himself via the registration form.


  • Organizing Committee
  • Venue
  • Event History
  • Sightseeing

International Wedau Regatta

The International Wedau Regatta club is the organizing committee of all rowing regattas in Duisburg.
Initially, it was founded as a cooperation of two rowing clubs in Duisburg (Duisburger Ruderverein) and Düsseldorf (Ruderclub Germania Düsseldorf), but today the International Wedau Regatta club consists only of members of the Duisburg Rowing Club.
More information on other rowing regattas in Duisburg can be found on

The Regatta Course

The regatta course Duisburg-Wedau has a length of 2.180 meters and a width of 120 meters. It is located within the Sportpark Duisburg, a cluster of various training and competition venues (including soccer, ice hockey, hockey, tennis, water polo and canoe).
Originally, the area was used as a gravel pit and then was transformed into a sports and recreation venue which was opened in 1935.
In 2007, the venue was extended by a side canal which is connecting the finish area with the start to prevent the racing lanes from waves caused by boats rowing to the start.

Regatta History

The regatta course in Duisburg is an internaionally known sports venue for both rowing and canoe with a big history. Besides having hosted the first german national championships in 1948, the International Wedau Regatta was the host of several international championships and events, including:

  • World Rowing Championships 1983
  • European Rowing Championships 1957 & 1965
  • World Rowing Junior Championships 2001
  • World Rowing Masters Regatta 2012

In addition, the regatta course Duisburg is the regular host of the bi-yearly International Wedau Regatta.

For the International Canoe Federation, Duisburg is the regular host of the ICF Canoe World Cup as well as for the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships (1979, 1987, 1995, 2007, 2013, 2023).


Sightseeing in Duisburg

Our European Rowing Under 23 Championships event logo comprises Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain, an 21 meters tall art installation and landmark in Duisburg built in 2011. It is made of galvanized steel and resembles a roller coaster including a walkway with stairs enabling a brilliant sight above Duisburg and Düsseldorf. In 2013, Tiger and Turtle was ranked by Huffpost as #6 of "The Most Extreme Staircases In The World".

Additional information about sightseeing in Duisburg can be found on the website of the International Wedau Regatta.

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